work | what I offer

Trained and experienced in systematic thinking, coaching and consulting since 1994 (see my CV below). I see my work primarily as a sparring for corporate leaders who want to develop their organization into a 3P Corp, that is, with a focus on people, planet and prosperity. Topics for sparring, coaching and / or advice are typically:

— Human Leadership
— Sustainable Corporate Governance
— Collaborative Work Approach
— Solution Focused Strategy Approach
— ESG, Focus on Diversity and Inclusion
— Co-Create Change
— New Narratives in Change Processes
— Resistance in Change Processes
— Board Communication und Cooperation
— Board Dynamics and Power Structures
— Strategic Presence for Executives
— Self-Awareness and Mindfulness.

In a conversation, the topics that are at stake always emerge very precisely. The best thing to do is to write a text today, and I can help. Because there are many ways to work together. For my customers it is usually with me:

— Sparring (1:1 coaching, mentoring, training)
— Coaching (1:1, also sn-site)
— Training (1:1, group)
— Strategy Meetings (C-level, executives)
— Workshop Facilitation (e.g. on diversity)
— Co-Writing Strategy Papers, Keynotes etc.
— contemplative Working (awareness, mindfulness)
... and much more.