mindset | how I tick

The difference between big and great companies is not just in the relevant products and services, but in the mindset and personal maturity of it's top management. Many managers can think big - but not all are the personal size for real impact. It is always about truth about yourself, clarity in action and courage to show yourself with unusual ideas and steps. Not just for profit, but for the benefit of everyone inside and outside the company. Even if the topics that bring my customers and me together are always called different on the outside, it is these essential forces that have to reawaken in many people on the inside. Here is a glimpse of how I understand my work. My concrete portfolio you will find here.

Truth is necessary and wholesome for our development processes, but mostly also very ugly at first. None of us like to tear down the pavement of illusion and admit to ourselves that the current path has been trodden, we can no longer get any further with our approaches. In our joint work, we relentlessly look openly and honestly to see what is, what is contradicting itself and what is hindering. We work on what is helpful for our own living strength, authenticity and effectiveness and integrate it into being and acting.

Clarity is one of the most misunderstood forces of all because it is often confused with "having an opinion". Real clarity always goes hand in hand with truth and means deep knowledge that can only arise from within. The mind is paused. It's about perception. Truth sets the context. Clarity prepares and paves the way for change. Clarity gives orientation without chaos. We work on inner convictions that reveal themselves in the existing communication and action strategies. We develop steps and approaches that are more appropriate given the current leadership context.

People who act courageously are the ones who know their fear and still do what is truthful to them. So the way to courage leads past fear. That is why we work specifically on own deep-seated obstacles (aka fears), which show up in infertile communication and behavior. In order for change to happen, these patterns must be exchanged for new possibilities.

For a long time, prosperity was equated with wealth. But that's not the point. Real prosperity is not limited to the amount of one's own bank account, but always includes the well-being of everyone else in one's own actions. In my understanding, prosperity means economic as well as social and environmental wellbeing. The question that needs to be answered here for each and individual of us is: How can I be of the greatest service for the whole? This question goes way beyond a discussion of purpose, although purpose is always a good place to start.