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How do organizations stay relevant? What do managers and leaders have to do to achieve this? How does change from profit orientation toward a company that is also interested in people, planet and prosperity succeed? How does leadership have to be then? For me these are driving questions. In my blog I post topics that are relevant to me in terms of strong organizations and leadership.

What Management Can Learn from Circus

June 24, 2021 Close your eyes for a moment and imagine you are in a circus. You may also have memories of your childhood. With me, the smell of sawdust, animals and people, lemonade and cotton candy is always present, as if I had only been there yesterday. The concentration and excitement of the human and animal artist […]

Leading with Authority? Yes!

June 7, 2021 Admittedly, the term authority does not go down like oil at first. In my mind’s eye, images of white men in suits emerge who, sitting in heavy leather armchairs, await obedience and duty. Authority is an emotionally charged term that causes very few people to feel good. In most people, it is more likely to […]

What Brands Are Good For?

May 31, 2021 “A brand is always bigger than its product.” Bam! That’s a message. Christina Käßhöfer, brand architect and omnichannel expert, can make such strong statements because she knows what she is talking about. Christina was involved in various large consumer brands around the world for over 20 years and was able to analyze customer behavior there […]

Managing Is Not Leading

May 27, 2021 Leadership is an essential part of management tasks. Countless studies, practical manuals, experience reports, how-to self-help books and seminars on the next popular leadership style exist on the market. They all want to bring managers closer to how leadership works and what is important. The desire for orientation in relation to leadership has remained with […]

The change is now.

April 27, 2021 In a joint online conference, my dear friend Katharina said today: “I don’t want it to be the same as it was before Corona. But I don’t want it the way it is now either. And I still have no idea how it could be otherwise. “ Katharina speaks to me not only from the […]

Business and Awareness. Does That Go Together?

April 12, 2021 Companies without goals are actually inconceivable, right? Even if goals are known to be excellent for arguing, goals in companies also set an important focus. They not only specify benchmarks, but also the direction in which the attention should be directed. So goals provide orientation. If, however, goal setting is the only way to “run” […]

Big Five for Life: Framework for Cooperation

March 10, 2021 There is hardly a person on this planet who has not yet asked themselves the question: What do I do with my life? Or: What are my most important goals in life? Big Five for Life, a concept developed by John Strelecky, can provide answers to these questions. It is about the five most important […]

Hierarchy: Yes or No?

January 21, 2021 My conversation partner Theresa Kauffeld founded her company Equalista because she wanted to make a difference in this world; with her product on the one hand and with the company itself on the other. The goal was a self-organized company from the beginning. But already in the first few weeks with the new employees: she and her […]

Team Communication: Finding the Right Tool

August 20, 2020 E-mail has many advantages, but it quickly reaches its limits when it comes to project-related communication. The brief exchange of comments often ends up in hundreds of emails that hardly anyone can find their way around. It is Sisyphus’ job to keep documents traceable in this forest of e-mails. This is where team communication tools come in. But […]

Data and Its Benefits in Times of Change

August 6, 2020 Data. Everyone knows about it, right? But: why is data becoming more and more important for companies? How can you recognize the quality of data and, above all, how can data be helpful for entrepreneurs in times of change? Katharina Schüller, founder of STAT-UP, gave me the answers. She also goes into what data literacy is and why managers should […]

Working Out Loud in Companies

July 23, 2020 Working Out Loud, also affectionately called WOL by its fans, is a structural approach to develop a topic for yourself in a network with others. In my interview with Katharina Krentz, founder of Connecting Humans, I talk about this method, what it is about and where it can support people when working remotely. Because Working Out Loud […]

Online Recruiting and How It Works

July 7, 2020 For a long time, recruiting was more of an analogous process. Although many companies had already digitized the application process, the actual selection interviews mostly took place face-to-face, on the phone or via video conference. Online recruiting (aka remote recruiting), which is based on video technology, has been picking up speed in the last few […]

Diversity in Times of Home Office

June 23, 2020 Diversity can now be found in almost every manager’s vocabulary, but it still remains unclear what it actually means. For some companies it means exclusively the gender distribution, for others it means the entire diversity that we as humans have to offer. So in addition to gender, also age, origin, socialization, training, professional experience, etc. But whatever […]

Onboarding in Times of Home Office

June 9, 2020 The facets of onboarding (“taking on board”) are as diverse as the companies themselves. Mostly it is a systematic integration of new employees into the company and its structure. However, it is not enough with the technical training in the activities of the new job. Rather, good onboarding includes the full integration of the employee at all […]

Emotional Stability in Crises

May 26, 2020 What makes sense within an organization can literally disappear overnight due to unforeseen events. Employees can show disorientation; while at the same time executives have a limited view of what the future holds. Such situations mean for everyone, and especially for managers, crisis management flying blind, which has to be maneuvered through a storm of emotions among employees. For […]

Leadership in Times of Uncertainty

May 15, 2020 One of the biggest management myths is that there is planning security in companies. Since Covid-19 at the latest, it has been clear that what has conveyed meaning within an organization can literally disappear overnight due to the unforeseen. Temporary disorientation on the part of employees fills this vacuum. Managers, on the other hand, only have a […]

Teams Lead from Distance

May 8, 2020 Leading teams from a distance is a challenge for both the manager and the team members. Rules that make sense in face-to-face handling only work to a limited extent remotely. In addition: how does a manager manage to establish contact with the team and, above all, to maintain contact when nobody is working in the office but […]