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The search for what makes companies successful and at the same time more human is what drives me. Because, as I understand it, constant success only comes from people who wholeheartedly say Yes! to say who they are and what they do. This is particularly true of executives in a company. Your Yes! expresses itself in full responsibility for itself and their actions. This is the only way to live clear leadership and bring the company to the next level of excellence. However, reality is different in companies: managers hide behind laptops and are afraid of going into lively leadership. This is exactly where my work begins. I help managers to become leaders.

In my twenty+ years of professional life, I have led companies in a wide variety of constellations, lived leadership and taught other people how to lead themselves, others and their company. My conclusion: all leadership tools are helpful crutches with which we can make good progress. But we only lead lively and authentically if we dare to be ourselves. Are you ready to dare? My customers are people who want to give their entrepreneurial and leading existence more meaning, depth, visibility and effectiveness. They get the best of coaching, sparring and consulting, my experience from two decades of practiced systemic view and approach, enriched by content-oriented and self-reflective elements from my awareness work, all rounded off by my subtle intuition and life experience. For me there are no concepts from the tape, instead dealing with what is. This is the only way people and companies can get ahead. And what is it for you that wants to change? Text me!